CounterPoints - Credo (Believer's) Baptism

CounterPoints - Paedo (Infant) Baptism

CounterPoints - Cessationism

The charismatic gifts have ceased

CounterPoints - Continuationism

The charismatic gifts are fully operative today

CounterPoints - Open but Cautious

The middle ground of sorts between Cessationism and Continuationsm


A study of the Doctrines of Grace


A study of the Articles of Remonstrance

CounterPoints - Dr. Bruce Ware

An overview published by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood of the two positions featured in the debate over the role of women in ministry

CounterPoints - Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

A study of the biblical basis for women in ministry

CounterPoints - Women in Ministry

An overview of the two views of the role of women in ministry

CounterPoints - Millennial Views

An excellent diagram produced by Mark Vander Pol of the main views of eschatology

CounterPoints - Two-Age Eschatology

A helpful diagram produced by Geerhardus Vos of what is often called "Two-Age Eschatology." You may know it as "the Now and the Not Yet" of the Kingdom of God.