Immanuel Church Worship Team

The focus of our worship team is not to be worship leaders, but to be lead worshippers. Our prayer is that everyone present at a service, especially members of the worship team, would be focused on responding to our great and awesome God. This should be the focus of our lives. Sunday mornings become a time of corporate celebration of the God who has revealed himself to us generally in his creation and specially through his Word.

May the Holy Spirit work in our hearts that our worship would be sincere, joyful, and pleasing to God.

Interested In Joining? 

For a variety of reasons, the membership of our worship team can change and open opportunities to involve new people. We give thanks to the Lord, for he has been faithful in meeting our every need. Worship provides us with an opportunity to respond to God’s grace and mercy. Whether our praise is expressed through songs, readings, prayers, or the faithful preaching of God’s Word, our desire is that God would be glorified and the Lord Jesus Christ exalted in our midst.

Through a written application, audition, and interview, the members of the Worship Ministry Team (WMT) will be better able to prayerfully assess your level of musical competence and overall readiness to participate as a member of the Immanuel Church Worship Team.  

For additional information on the qualifications, please click HERE.

For additional information on the application process, please click HERE.

If you wish to submit a written application, please click HERE.