LIFT  -    Ladies In Fellowship Together

A new group for women of all ages to get together to have fun,  get to know each other, laugh, play games, do crafts, make new friends, and enjoy each others company!

We are having our first  LIFT meeting on Friday, April 21st at 7:00 in the Capernaum room. We will have fun playing Bunco!  This will be the first time many of us have ever played the game so don't let your inexperience hold you back from coming! There will be a LOT of laughs, prizes, and snacks, and opportunities to fellowship with other women! And, of course, bring a friend!!

It will be very helpful to know how many will be in attendance, so please see the sign-up sheet in the foyer.  If you have questions, CONTACT: Dotty McMillan (978-866-3343).




Wednesday Morning Playdates

Dates:  Jan 11th - May 24th (Bimonthly)

Time:   9:30-11:30am 

Where: Immanuel Church

MOLO is a bimonthly Christian playgroup geared towards moms and caregivers of little ones, newborn to early elementary that meets every other Wednesday. The playtime is for fellowship for both the moms and little ones.  The little ones will have a chance to play, sing and get the wiggles out in the Immanuel Church gym. The moms will enjoy the devotional "The Gospel Centered Mom" by Sarah Wallace. “This book is for the mom who's not "Pinterest Perfect." It's for the mom who can't live up to her own standards - the mom who wants to know if the gospel has anything to offer her where she's at now, in a messy world of diapers, tantrums, and postpartum hormones. Do you want to get outside of your own head and look to something and Someone greater? The gospel is our lens for motherhood. It's the voice of reason that breaks through the turbulence in our hearts caused by anxiety, self-doubt, and comparing. Let's get balanced. Let's get biblical.”  This devotional will be led by Shelly Brawn.  The moms will share the answers to the discussion questions as they are able with a room full of small ones.  Purchasing the devotional is optional.   Sign up for the MOLO group by joining the MyImmanuel group or e-mail Shelly Brawn.

Contact: Shelly Brawn



Secret Sisters is a great opportunity for you to share your love for Christ with others through fellowship and prayer.  Spiritual uplifting and fun are guaranteed!  After signing up this fall, you will be given the name of another woman who you will not reveal yourself to until the Spring “Unveiling”.  During this time you’ll be praying for her.  You can also drop cards in the mail or leave cards with words of enlightenment, encouragement or uplifting scriptures for her on the designated table in Fellowship Hall. 

Just remember…your identity is a SECRET! 

Please contact Carole Erlandson ( with any questions or suggestions!