Whether you are a simple inquirer or committed disciple, our adult Sunday school classes are designed to grow and mature you in your walk with Christ.  To see how the Discipleship Ministry Team's curriculum fits together, please review our Adult Christian Education Program.


SPRING 2019 Adult Sunday School Classes - Join in at any time


Runs 3/24/19 through 6/23/2019



We’re trying something new this term, though the approach has been used by many churches in the past and proves to be effective by churches which use it today. Every class, we will reexamine the sermon text of the morning, leaving ample time for class participants to ask questions pertaining to interpretation; alternative readings in various translations; other texts in Scripture which teach similar theology or, perhaps, may seem to teach dissimilar theology; etc.  If questions are raised in your mind during the sermon which were not addressed in the course of the sermon, then this would be a great opportunity to ask the questions.  


While not a primary objective of the class, nonetheless, through our discussions, you will learn:
1) how to develop an exegetical theology;
2) what a discourse analysis is and the basics of walking through one;
3) how to tell what an expository sermon is and is not; and
4) what is meant by the Grammatical-Historical-Redemptive approach to interpreting Scripture.


Pastor Dana will be the primary teacher/facilitator of the class, though Neil will teach during the weeks in which he preaches.


Leader:  Pastor Dana Smith
Location:  Sanctuary



This is an inspiring and encouraging discussion class helping us to see how God is using us and can use us on our frontlines, the places where we spend significant time through the week in contact with non-Christians.  The book and the video presentations are emphatically not a program that we must add to our already busy schedule.  Using scripture and self-deprecating humor, the presenter helps us recognize the opportunities God gives us to bear fruit for His kingdom.  Come and be encouraged. 


Leader:  Bruce McIntosh
Location:  Capernaum Room